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The BC Embroidery Service is a Cost-Effective way of Creating a unique look for your whole Team and Promoting your Company Name.

Personalise your Workplace Clothing with your Company Logo and bring it back to Life.

BC Embroidery 0879641668

Based in the picturesque village of Cronaguiggy, Crolly in the County Donegalin the North West of Ireland, BC Embroidery have been providing embroidery services for over 12 years to the Irish and international markets.
The experience and expertise we have gained over the years has put us in a top position to provide premium embroidery services to countless companies, schools, clubs and organizations.

We can design and produce for you a quality embroidered product at a competitive price on time… every time!

Among the many embroidery services we provide we have listed for you below just a small sampling of what we can offer to you as our customers.

  • Crests, Logos, Monograms
  • School Uniform Crests
  • Corporate Uniforms Crested
  • Sports Wear Crested
  • Family crests
  • Wedding Ring Cushions
  • Embroidered Badges and Emblems
  • Personalized Embroidered gifts ie: Towels, Bath robes and Irish linen etc.
  • In-house Embroidery Logo Design

Please contact us with any of your embroidery requirements, no job is too big or too small.
We cater for Irish and international clients.

We can be contacted by phone on 074 9562870 mobile: 087 9641668


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BC Embroidery, the company that can enhance your identity with an embroidered logo.


The A to E of how to make your Boss Like You. “Keep Your Boss Happy”

What work behavior makes your boss like you? I am not here to discuss tips or tricks that will hoodwink your superiors to like you. Those tricks will only work for the short term but will hurt you in the long term.

I’m here to guide you to stand out naturally. If you have proper work behavior, you will impress your boss. However, you do need to be consistent with these behaviors. There are no results without hard work. That said, each of the behavior discussed is not difficult to practice.

1. Attentive
Learn to be attentive at work. Your behavior at work should be one of attentiveness. To begin with, you need to be a good listener. Listen to the instructions that are given to you.

Make sure you understand what is being said and what is being asked. When you take the wrong instructions you make the unit you are working for inefficient. Attend to details. Make sure every work that you have your hand in is one of excellence. You know the results shine because you paid attention to the details. Never deliver shoddy work. Your shoddy work not just reflects on you but your boss too. When you are attentive at work, your boss will naturally notice you.

2. Bold
I know, this sounds scary. You are a junior at work but yet you need to be bold? Yes, be bold? Being bold means being able to face your fears. You are new and there are a lot of things that are new to you. You quite naturally fear some of the processes. Sometimes, you may even feel intimidated by some colleagues. In such instances, you need to be bold. There is nothing to fear as long as you know your working attitude is a positive one.

This also means you are willing to fail and learn from failure. When you accept this behavior you are willing to take risks and willing to do new things. Someone who is courageous enough to try new things, willing to fail and learn from failure will catch the boss’s attention.

3. Calm
If your personality is quite naturally a calm one, this working behavior is easy. If you have a tendency to panic or you have the tendency to be temperamental then you need to work harder. Be calm and composed at all times regardless of the work challenges in front of you.

Remember if something tough is for you to tackle, create a plan to solve it. Everything else short of solid action will be inefficient use of your energy. Your bosses want someone who can help to clean the mess. You shouldn’t be part of the mess. Remain calm and composed at all times. This behavior will have your boss take a second look at you. Soon you will become someone he can depend on.

4. Depend
Which brings me to the next work behavior. When you become a competitive advantage for your boss, your boss will like you. He/she will become dependent on you. Strive to become someone your boss can depend. How do you make this work? For starters, be a good listener and be someone your boss can trust.

Do not be tempted to get involved in office politics. The best way to stay away from office politics is to shut up. Knowing when to keep your mouth shut should be your work behavior. Do not add to comments. Do not volunteer answers. When your boss can trust you and you have good working attitude, you will become someone your boss can depend on.

5. Energy
This work behavior isn’t just about physical energy. It also means mental energy. It also means infectious energy. This means you have a work behavior that can energize your unit. You are passionate about your work. People like working with you, as you seem to have endless energy. Ever noticed how a person in the office that has energy always gets the better assignments? That’s because their energy is the boss’s competitive advantage.

You may already posses these work behaviors. Choose one work behavior that you feel is the easiest to tackle now and work on it. Before long you would have mastered the A to E of how to make your boss like you.