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How to Connect Facebook and LinkedIn

Integrating your social media presence is absolutely important to maximize the results you’re going to see in visibility and relationship building.

There’s a super easy way to build a bridge between the two on Facebook, with the installation of an easy application:My LinkedIn Profile. I’ve been using it for a while and it is working fine.

My LinkedIn Profile Facebook Application

You can add this application to your profile and pages, in one quick install. For those of use who have multiple pages and/or want it on both aspects of our Facebook presence.

You simply search applications for My LinkedIn Profile (or click this link when logged in).

Click Add to my Page in the top left hand corner (under the app picture).

It’s going to give you a list of pages and your profile, add it to as many as you want.

Head on over to the pages you added it to, click on Edit Page,” you’ll see it under Applications

Edit text, Applications

You can click on the right-side icon and edit the application and set-up to suit you & your page.

That’s it. It’s as simple as that, great way to link your FacebookLinkedIn together … which you should be doing with most of your social media presence anyways

Let me know if this was helpful, any problems let me know.


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