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Android-powered iPed, China rips off Apple iPad, surprises no one.


Well lookey here, it seem that the land where counterfeit products outnumber the aggregate of legitimate electronics, software, clothes, accessories, etc. (etc. etc.) has just started making their own Apple iPad, only it’s called the “iPed” and it doesn’t come from Apple. In the same Chinese city that Apple’s iPhone and iPad manufacturing plant calls home, the Chinese “iPed” has just started getting some serious traction. Reports have Chinese news stations covering the launch of this obvious iPad rip-off, which uses the Android mobile operating system in place of the Apple’s iPhone OS.

According to reports, the iPed is on sale in Shenzen, China. That’s the same place that all our iPhones and iPads are manufactured – in the Foxconn manufacturing facility that has been getting so much bad press recently. It’s not clear how the proximity of the Foxconn plant helped make the iPed almost aesthetically identical to what Apple launched earlier this year. The Chinese Android-powered tablet even ships in a box that looks like something that Apple sells in its retail stores around the US.

So, what’s different about the iPed? Well, it runs Android OS and it’s called the iPed. Oh, and it’s slightly uglier than the iPad. On the one hand, you gotta hand it to these Chinese rip-off artists for their ambition and “creativity.”

So the Questions is, will you buy it.

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