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Fuinneamh Linn – The Irish Energy Co-op,

Irish Energy Co-op

Founding Member Dr. Carl Diver will be officially launching the Irish Energy Co-op on the 18th of August (tonight) in Ionad Cois Locha, Dunlewey at 7 pm. The co-op has been founded to look at all forms of renewable energy, wind, tidal, wave, hydro etc.. . The launch night will be a night of information on renewable energy we will have presentations from the Spirit of Ireland project and the Western Development Commission, and LYIT amongst others and we are inviting some local SME’s who are working in that sector to come along. The purpose of the evening is to inform the community of the co-op’s existence and its proposed activities and to attract membership.

We have about 41 members at the moment, the co-op was officially registered with ICOS in May and as far as we know we are the first renewable energy co-op in the country. We have Spanish student who was doing an MSc on renewables in Sligo last year, who is a member as well, he has carried out some initial studies on sites that could be suitable for generating electricity from wind turbines using a basic package that allows you to place the turbines on the proposed site in the most efficient layout.

The co-op wants to engage with the community and get the community to decide on the type of projects that we should investigate be it wind or hydro or something else. We also want to work with all groups in the community that have concerns and to work with them.

If we can have wind farms in Donegal owned by the people in Donegal then the profit generated stays in Donegal and it should lead to job creation, the sites could be developed into tourist attractions as well with mountain bike trails making the sites accessible for people with all abilities.

The launch night will be an evening of information and will be a chance for people to find out about the co-op and to apply for membership.

You can also register you interest to attend on Linkedin Events

Information by Dr. Carl Diver

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Beware of fake Facebook ‘dislike’ button

Beware of the fake Facebook ‘dislike’ button.

Facebook Security advise you not to click on suspicious links on Facebook.

“We’re working hard to block and remove malicious applications that claim to provide dislike functionality and inadvertently update people’s statuses,”

“It’s important to keep in mind that there is no official dislike button. Also, don’t click on strange links, even if they are from friends, and notify the person and report the link if you see something suspicious.”

If you accidentally installed the fake application,


Stay Safe on Facebook

click on the “account” button at the top right of the Facebook home screen. Navigate to the option that says “application settings,” and disable the fake “dislike” application.

If the app has posted to your Facebook wall, go to your profile page and delete those posts to stop the scam from spreading further. mashable also recommends checking your “interests” and “likes” settings from the “edit my profile” menu, to be sure that the app hasn’t lodged itself there as well.

Or Facebook may do all of that for you.

Mashable Write

How many Penalty Points have you.

I have searched all over the internet all morning to try find out how to check to see how many Penalty Points i have on my Licence & if so how long before they are gone.

Well i found how to check and it only takes 5 minutes so i like to share it with you.


After searching and ringing different departments i ran Road Safety Authority, Ballina,Co. Mayo, Tel 1890 416141.

I told them what i needed & after giving them my details they told me everything i needed to know ( i wasn’t happy  ) but still got what i needed so i hope this helps you all.




8 years have passed & still i miss you, a wee poem for ya bro. Love Gearoid.


Eoin Maguire

R.I.P Bro.

I think of you in silence
I always speak your name
I have so many memories
And your picture in a frame
I do not need a special day to bring you to my mind
Since days I do not think of you are impossible to find
I think of you when I play with Eogháin but that is nothing new
I think of you with love today
I am always with you
You are now my guardian angel watching me from your place of rest
Heaven must be a beautiful place
For God only takes the best
God please look after Eoin
Don’t let him walk alone
After all, this is his first time away from home
Until we meet again

Miss ya love gearóid

If you knew Eoin & would like to leave a message please do.

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Pregnant women told not to fast during holy Ramadan

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Gmail storage actually does have a bottom – So much for, “never delete an e-mail again.”

What Happens When You Run Out of Storage Space in Gmail?

Pic "Mike Monteiro"

It turns out that Gmail storage actually does have a bottom. Just ask Mike Monteiro, the most recent person to break Gmail’s usage cap.

So much for, “never delete an e-mail again.” When Gmail first launched in 2004, its massive storage space (then 1GB) was a highly touted feature. Over time, the amount of space made available to users has grown — by our count, it looks like standard Gmail and Google Apps users have about 7.3GB at their disposal today. However, users also now send larger e-mail attachments and archive more messages. Still, for non-corporate e-mail users, racking up more than 7GB in e-mail archives is a pretty impressive feat.

A few years ago, when some users first started to hit the ceiling for Gmail storage space, Google rolled out the ability to buy more storage. Nonetheless, it’s a problem Google doesn’t expect many users to ever encounter.

Tip for Google remove that “Who needs to delete when you have so much storage?!” line from the Gmail Trash folder.

How close are you, I am at 15%  let me know in the comments your “score” !
[via Daring Fireball]  & Mashable

[img credit: Mike Monteiro]