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Fuinneamh Linn – The Irish Energy Co-op,

Irish Energy Co-op

Founding Member Dr. Carl Diver will be officially launching the Irish Energy Co-op on the 18th of August (tonight) in Ionad Cois Locha, Dunlewey at 7 pm. The co-op has been founded to look at all forms of renewable energy, wind, tidal, wave, hydro etc.. . The launch night will be a night of information on renewable energy we will have presentations from the Spirit of Ireland project and the Western Development Commission, and LYIT amongst others and we are inviting some local SME’s who are working in that sector to come along. The purpose of the evening is to inform the community of the co-op’s existence and its proposed activities and to attract membership.

We have about 41 members at the moment, the co-op was officially registered with ICOS in May and as far as we know we are the first renewable energy co-op in the country. We have Spanish student who was doing an MSc on renewables in Sligo last year, who is a member as well, he has carried out some initial studies on sites that could be suitable for generating electricity from wind turbines using a basic package that allows you to place the turbines on the proposed site in the most efficient layout.

The co-op wants to engage with the community and get the community to decide on the type of projects that we should investigate be it wind or hydro or something else. We also want to work with all groups in the community that have concerns and to work with them.

If we can have wind farms in Donegal owned by the people in Donegal then the profit generated stays in Donegal and it should lead to job creation, the sites could be developed into tourist attractions as well with mountain bike trails making the sites accessible for people with all abilities.

The launch night will be an evening of information and will be a chance for people to find out about the co-op and to apply for membership.

You can also register you interest to attend on Linkedin Events

Information by Dr. Carl Diver

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