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A Poem for My Big Bro

A Poem for my brother ” Eoin ” I lost 9 years ago today and i still miss him…..

Eoin Maguire

R.I.P Bro.

No one knew the torment,
That you were going through;
We only kept on seeing
What we really wanted to.

We saw the outward smile,
But not your inner pain;
We never really dreamt,
That you would never smile again.

Forgive us if we failed to see,
What we could do to aid;
Or if we failed to comprehend,
How much you were afraid.

We pray your mental anguish,
Will now forever cease;
And that your deep anxieties,
Will be replaced by peace.

We know your pain invaded,
Every single thought you had;
It made you cry internally,
And deeply, deeply sad.

But we in turn remember,
The good times, not the bad;
We remember when you smiled at us,
And not when you were sad.

So when we think about your life,
We won’t dwell upon its close;
We’ll remember all the good times,
And forget about life’s blows.

We’ll remember all the happiness,
The joy and not the tears;
The assurance and the confidence,
And not irrational fears.

Our lives have all been better,
Because you have been there;
So now we leave your memory,
In God’s all-loving care.

R.I.P Eoin

Love Gearóid

Will never forget you!

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8 years have passed & still i miss you, a wee poem for ya bro. Love Gearoid.


Eoin Maguire

R.I.P Bro.

I think of you in silence
I always speak your name
I have so many memories
And your picture in a frame
I do not need a special day to bring you to my mind
Since days I do not think of you are impossible to find
I think of you when I play with Eogháin but that is nothing new
I think of you with love today
I am always with you
You are now my guardian angel watching me from your place of rest
Heaven must be a beautiful place
For God only takes the best
God please look after Eoin
Don’t let him walk alone
After all, this is his first time away from home
Until we meet again

Miss ya love gearóid

If you knew Eoin & would like to leave a message please do.

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