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Operation Facebook, Anonymous To Destroy Facebook On 5th November


The hacktivist group Anonymous has issued a YouTube video in English, Spanish and German announcing plans to destroy the world’s biggest social network, Facebook.

The hackers offer anyone concerned with the spread of personal information on the web to join the cause and “kill Facebook for the sake of your own privacy” in the action that “will go down in history,” setting the date for November 5, 2011.


“Facebook has been selling information to government agencies and giving clandestine access to information security firms so that they can spy on people from around the world,” the video statement, recorded in a typical digitally-altered voice says.

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Gmail storage actually does have a bottom – So much for, “never delete an e-mail again.”

What Happens When You Run Out of Storage Space in Gmail?

Pic "Mike Monteiro"

It turns out that Gmail storage actually does have a bottom. Just ask Mike Monteiro, the most recent person to break Gmail’s usage cap.

So much for, “never delete an e-mail again.” When Gmail first launched in 2004, its massive storage space (then 1GB) was a highly touted feature. Over time, the amount of space made available to users has grown — by our count, it looks like standard Gmail and Google Apps users have about 7.3GB at their disposal today. However, users also now send larger e-mail attachments and archive more messages. Still, for non-corporate e-mail users, racking up more than 7GB in e-mail archives is a pretty impressive feat.

A few years ago, when some users first started to hit the ceiling for Gmail storage space, Google rolled out the ability to buy more storage. Nonetheless, it’s a problem Google doesn’t expect many users to ever encounter.

Tip for Google remove that “Who needs to delete when you have so much storage?!” line from the Gmail Trash folder.

How close are you, I am at 15%  let me know in the comments your “score” !
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[img credit: Mike Monteiro]

FaceBook Like, Connect with your friends on your favorite websites.Learn more & Understand your privacy.

Like anything, anywhere

Connect with the things you care about.

Instant personalization

Your favorite sites are immediately social.

Learn more & Understand your privacy

Learn more & Understand your privacy

Learn more & Understand your privacy

Learn about the different ways you’ll see Facebook across the web

Like anything, anywhere

Look for the Facebook Like button across the web to connect with the things you care about and share them with your friends.

The Like Button

When you click the Like button, a link to that page is added to your Facebook profile and a story is shared with your friends.


That page can also keep you updated through your News Feed.

Your Friends

Find out what your friends have liked, shared, and commented on through the Activity Feed and Recommendations social plugins.

Learn about the different ways you’ll see Facebook across the web

Learn about the different ways you’ll see Facebook across the web

To learn more about the different ways you can find Facebook across the web and manage your privacy on these websites, visit facebook  Help Center.

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Ireland creates a competition to ignite your imagination and reward your thinking

The Big IDEA

Irelands Call

Your Country, Your Call is a competition to ignite imaginations and inspire thinking.

The goal is to pick two truly transformational proposals so big that, when implemented, could secure prosperity and jobs for Ireland. Proposals that could help change the way we do things, allow businesses to grow, employment to be created and prosperity to flourish.

Your Country, Your Call gives you the chance to share your creativity to give life to new industry, revitalise or revolutionise an existing market, or even change the way we do business entirely. It’s not about creating new products. It’s about creating something that will make a long term positive impact on the future of Ireland, its people, and its economy.

Your Country, Your Call is all about Ireland. It’s about helping to create sustainable employment and prosperity, whilst at the same time generating hope, confidence, and positive thinking.

Get thinking, talking, and proposing!


There will be two competition winners and each will receive €100,000

Please note that the prize is for the winning proposers – this is similar to architectural competitions where the winning architect may or may not be involved in the subsequent construction.

A development fund of up to €500,000

is committed for the implementation of each of the winning proposals.


A maximum of 20 proposals will be considered at the semi final stage of the competition. Semi-finalists will be assigned a Coach for a 6-week period. During this period, Coaches will be available to work closely with each semi-finalist to help develop their proposal but not to materially influence its substance

At the end of the 6 weeks coaching period, each semi-finalist will be interviewed by our key decision makers.

Following the interviews, a maximum of 5 finalists will be invited to participate in a two-day event in Ireland that will conclude with awards being presented by the Patron of Your Country, Your Call, Mary McAleese, President of Ireland.


Although not shortlisted, you might have a proposal that should be considered by a development agency. If that is the case you will receive an email suggesting your next steps.


  • Competition opens 16.00 GMT  17-01-2010
  • Competition closes 23.59 GMT 30-04-2010
  • Latest date to select semi-finalists 30-6-2010
  • Latest date to complete interviews  1-09-2010
  • Final selection and awards 17-09-2010
The Big IDEA

Irelands Call